From all over the world, we import all types of raw materials for the foodstuff industry. In addition, we offer you our expertise as regards high-quality food ingredients and additives from internationally renowned producers.

Whether you are looking for conventional or organic raw materials, our experienced product managers will make you an interesting and up-to-date offer. As for the execution of your order, you can fully rely on our experienced and effective sales administration team.

TRAWOSA AG has established for itself a leading position on the Swiss market.



coloring foodstuffs, food colors (natural / synthetic)

caramel sugars and syrups and caramels

fruit and vegetable powders / concentrates / pulps / juices

fruits (dried, freeze-dried, frozen)

vegetables, herbs and spices (dried, freeze-dried, frozen)

tomato products

mushrooms (dried)

nuts and seeds

bakery seeds


sprouting seeds


oils and fats


starches and plant proteins

thickening and binding agents

egg products

HVPs (hydrolyzed vegetable proteins)  – liquid and powders


– savory, confectionery and beverage flavors

– natural cheese, butter and cream flavors

meat and fish products (dried / concentrates)

beef extracts

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As a reliable partner to the food industry, we guarantee the performance of the agreed market performance. The compliance with the following standards guarantees the implementation of a consistent quality management:


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– Association of Swiss agents in the food industry

– Swiss cereals and Produce Exchange




1949 The TRAWOSA AG is founded Basel

1991 Head office relocates to Goldach

1997 Head office relocates to Rorschach

2008 Head office relocates to St. Gallen


TRAWOSA AG is a family-run, family-owned company and a hundred percent subsidiary of Caleb AG.






The present AVB apply to all business of the parties with effect from 1.5.2008


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1 General

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) form an integral part of all delivery ratios between the TRAWOSA AG and the buyer. General conditions of the buyer are only valid if they are accepted by the TRAWOSA AG in writing. A silence on delivery or reference to such conditions means their rejection. With the acceptance of the first delivery, the buyer acknowledges the AVB the TRAWOSA AG and waives its general conditions, even if they are mentioned in later documents such as quotations, invoices and delivery notes. Individual deviations are only valid for the individual case and are to order.


2 Contract Price and Payment

Our offers in terms of price, quantity, quality, delivery time and availability subject to change. Invoices are payable within 30 days from date of invoice, without discount and without any other deductions (net 30 days). Any alternative payment deadlines are noted in writing by the TRAWOSA AG. The repayment of the invoice otherwise than by payment, in particular by setting off is not permitted.

Moreover, as confirmed by the TRAWOSA AG Prices and payment conditions. If the buyer fails to meet the agreed terms of payment, it coincides with the due date is in default and has to pay default interest from that expiration date. Existence on our part to determine simultaneously several claims against the customer, so only we are entitled to the offset of payments to the individual demands. If the customer is used to offset a debt in default, we are entitled to refuse any further deliveries without notice until the customer has paid in advance. The customer may withhold its performance only because authorized by us or legally established claims or set off such claims.

The TRAWOSA AG has the right to require the purchaser in addition to the Contract Price all price increases necessary for the delivery expenses if they are not included in accordance with the INCOTERMS 2010 in the contract price. These include in particular expenses for export and import duties such as customs duties, taxes, storage costs, freight costs, transportation charges, shipping charges, insurance premiums, and the like.

Unless expressly agreed in writing, we reserve the right to choose the route and time of delivery.

Failure to pay or untimely performance of agreed payments absolve the TRAWOSA AG from the delivery obligation or observance of delivery for both earlier than it will also create all further deliveries without claims of the buyer. The TRAWOSA AG is entitled in this case, in turn, to make a claim for damages.


3 Delivery dates and quantities

About deviations from agreed delivery periods, the buyer will be informed of TRAWOSA AG. Should this be reliant on the delivery date is very respected (fixed date), so this must be agreed in the contract. Variations in quantity of up to 10 percent, unless specifically excluded in the order confirmation, accepted by the buyer, the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

The TRAWOSA AG is entitled to make partial deliveries. For contracts whose settlement extends over a longer period (contracts, etc.), each delivery shall be deemed a separate transaction. An incorrect or late delivery does not affect the unfulfilled part of the financial statements.

If the timely fulfillment prevented by elementary events (eg natural disasters, pests, diseases) or due to unforeseen circumstances (eg, riot, strike, war, political unrest), the time limit is extended to meet for the duration of the impediment plus a further 15 days. If the obstruction lasts more than 60 days, then the obligation of TRAWOSA AG is considered extinct. The TRAWOSA AG must notify the buyer within 3 business days after receiving the news about the disability in knowledge.

If the performance of any other condition which the TRAWOSA AG is not responsible for, impossible, so their performance as extinct applies.


4 Physical checks / Complaints

The customer must immediately delivered goods – made necessary by an analysis and / or sample processing – to investigate to see whether this is perfect and suitable for its intended purpose.

Complaints of any kind are to be collected after the arrival of a shipment at the place. Defects must be reported immediately and as quickly as possible (allowed Email) be notified in writing. As an extreme Rügefristen apply for fresh products or perishable goods 24 hours for all other goods in miscarriage or incorrect deliveries or other defects 7 days from the date, since the goods the buyer has to unload available.

The complaint must be the exact description of the defect and the facts that it can be seen that the delivered and the defective goods are identical, contain. Defects that can not be determined under appropriate testing during discharge are hidden defects. This must be reported following the discovery within the time limits mentioned above, the law forfeited after no more than 20 calendar days. The buyer has to take all reasonable measures and controls to detect any hidden defects at the earliest possible date.

Excluded from the defects are secondary packaging (cardboard, pallets, etc.) which are used for transport. Improper storage or introduction of the goods to another place of performance shall be excluded from the complaint.

The goods shall be deemed approved if the complaint is not received within the specified period of time with us.

The mixing, processing and resale of goods in which defects have been found, or when using the utmost care could be found carried out, at the sole risk of the customer. Our liability for damages incurred by the customer due to mixing, the continuation of the processing or the sale is excluded.

A complaint does not relieve the buyer from his payment obligations and deadlines.


5 Replacement and compensation

The buyer can reject the goods, if it has significant shortcomings. When significant defects, all defects that represent a deviation from the contractually agreed quality, which make the acceptance of the goods appear to be unreasonable apply. Variations in the amount shall not be considered significant defects. The buyer must give the possibility of repairing the TRAWOSA AG.With the use of the claimed goods – even in parts – extinguishes the right of the warranty completely. Orders or contracts approval of sample are excluded from the warranty, unless the delivered goods is significantly different from the reference samples.

If the buyer wants the whole show reject and ask for a replacement, he shall notify the TRAWOSA AG within 24 hours after the deadline successful complaint in writing (letter, fax, email). Failing such notification the buyer, he has accepted the mission after deducting any reduction in value.

The TRAWOSA AG If the buyer requires replacement, so he has to explain within 24 hours of receiving notification of the rejection, whether or not it corresponds to this request. Denied the TRAWOSA AG to replace the goods the buyer has the right to claim damages. The buyer is obliged to treat the defective goods with due care in any case. In case of danger quickly Corruption he is entitled and, as far as the interests of the TRAWOSA AG, obliged them to sell the best possible otherwise. He has, however, to avoid damages to orient in this case the TRAWOSA AG in time so that it is still able, if necessary to protect their rights.


6 Regulatory measures

All conditions, delays and obligations that are imposed on the TRAWOSA AG by official measures, shall be borne by the buyer, which carries the associated risks.


7 Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Is solely responsible for all disputes arising from the mutual contractual relationship, the courts at the seat of TRAWOSA AG.

For all legal relationships based on these general terms of delivery and sales conditions arise for the parties, only apply Swiss law to the exclusion of the uniform UN purchasing law.


8 Final provisions

All amendments of these Conditions shall only be binding if agreed in writing.

For cereals and agricultural products, the customs and usages, as well as the Rules of Arbitration of the Swiss cereals and Produce Exchange apply.

St. Gallen, January 2018


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